engaging communities by text message

Connect to your community by text message delivered directly to the palm of their hand

Benefits of mobile text messaging

If you are here you probably already recognize that text messaging is a power tool.  You might not know is that: 

  • a text messages is typically read within 3 minutes of delivery
  • research shows 97% of text messages are opened (that's way more than email or direct mail)
  • text messaging has great results because of how it delivers information to the palm of the hand and is opened immediately. 

Starting at $49 per month

We offer a variety of plans and our mobile services include

  • outbound alert services
  • two way text messaging with reminders services
  • ability to send custom link
  • ask contacts to text to sign up or prepopulate groups
  • ask opt in contacts to provide additional contact details
  • schedule messages or send immediately
  • send messages from any device
  • no software to add on your systems or on your customer's phone

Please contact us for pricing. We'd like to understand what you wish to accomplish and then together brainstorm how mobile can support you.  After this we will provide a price for the best fit plan. 

Providing mobile services since 2010

We've been providing mobile services since 2010.  As the benefits of text messaging grew our clients asked for specific text messaging services.  So we set up Connectbytext and now offer powerful versatile text messaging services. 

We believe in servicing our clients and you will not find any automatic services on this website.  Instead we ask that you take the time to speak with us.  The contact us button is provided for you if you would like us to provide some further information.  

Drop us a note if you have any questions. 

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